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Scene Unseen: Washed Out, Toro Y Moi and Young Magic at 1015 Folsom

If you have to miss out on Noise Pop or just can’t get enough of riding the chillwave, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi and Young Magic are headlining a free party this Friday. As giants blazing the chill trail, Washed Out’s steamy and ubiquitous Within and Without bedsheet album cover and Chaz Bundick’s dealings as Toro Y Moi have probably stalked you on the Internet last year. RSVP is needed, but with acts like this, Friday’s Scene Unseen is one party you don’t want to miss.

‘The Bridge’ released for PC

Fans of indie games like “Braid” will have likely already have this new physics-warping puzzle game downloaded on their computers from Steam. One look at the game trailer, with its M. C. Escher-inspired levels, hand-drawn aesthetic and gravity-defying gameplay, will have a player jumping into this Newtonian backstory in half a second. The rising levels of difficulty and ability to play a mirror world will keep gamers pulling out their hair in puzzle-induced frustration for an enjoyably long time.

Belle & Sebastian Documentaring Streaming on Pitchfork

Delving deep into the making of the band’s 1996 album If You’re Feeling Sinister, this hour long documentary gives a glimpse into the the humble beginnings of one of indie music’s most iconic groups. The documentary sheds light on Stuart Murdoch’s songwriting process during his bout of chronic fatigue and is peppered with archival photos. It’s no wonder that this album, a common staple of music libraries the world over, is being re-explored for the “Pitchfork Classics” series.

‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ at United Arts

When did people forget about Michael Cera? If your life has been awkward-deficient since we stopped talking about the guy, fret not, and make sure to go to this Thursday’s Flashback at the UA.

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