6 thoughts you have in the last 5 minutes of class

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You’re in your favorite class taught by a professor you idolize. You might even be one of the lucky students who is lectured by Robert Reich or Paul Rabinow. But some days, no matter what the situation, you just can’t focus in class. Here are five trains of thought that we think run through your head during those last agonizing minutes of lecture.

Only five more minutes … until you can be done with this class and move on to the next one. You wish you got more sleep last night, but you were working on a paper. You have contributed nothing, except maybe a general answer to an obvious question in discussion today. You’ve been sneaking glances at your phone throughout the entire class period and cannot wait for this lecture to be finished.

The professor had better talk about the midterm before we leave. You can’t remember when your exam is. Maybe it’s listed on the syllabus, but you vaguely remember your professor saying that it would be moved to a different day. Also, you’re a little lost in this class, and you would love a review session, not a rambling story about the professor’s latest vacation.

Who smells? Some people either come to class right after working out at the RSF, or they just don’t like to shower. (We beg those people to stop that and start investing in soap.) Because we know you’re already not paying attention in lecture, we figured you would be more sensitive to other aspects of the classroom. Smelly people would be one of those … aesthetic experiences we’re talking about.

I wonder what I can get for lunch. Maybe it will have to be a late lunch or more like an early dinner, but it seems like a lot of class time is spent pondering when your next meal will be. Whether you’re imagining Crossroads (we guess there’s maybe two people who daydream about Crossroads in the world), take-out or whatever experimental form of a meal you’re planning to try out in your own kitchen, food is on your mind.

Is the clock broken? You hope it is, because otherwise you only have five minutes to get to Northside for your next class. You notice that your professor is oblivious to the time and has kept you at least five minutes later than scheduled. You also notice that your professor is wearing a watch but is either ignoring it or has it set for the wrong time.

Has anyone posted anything on Facebook in the last two minutes? Because that’s the last time you checked. Even if you have another class right after this one, you’re probably going to take advantage of the new Graph Search function and look for new ways to stalk your friends.

Good luck to all of you who are feeling sleep-deprived and overwhelmed at this time of the semester. Maybe reading the Clog’s thoughts about your thoughts will help you destress before midterms.

Image source: twenty_questions under Creative Commons