A note from the editors

Adventure is all around us.  Travel can be an escape, an opportunity to leave home and learn about the world.  A huge part of the college experience at Berkeley is traveling — to study abroad, do research or have fun with your friends. But as much as you hear “travel is the best education” or yearn for a summer of debaucherous nights in Barcelona, it can be expensive, time-consuming and sometimes scary (not that we have any ridiculous stories to tell).

Nevertheless, travel is at your fingertips. Traveling isn’t just a trip to France, studying in China or doing fieldwork in Peru — although those are all amazing experiences. Travel is stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring, getting away for a while — even in your own backyard. This issue is about leaving the comfort of your home and stepping into someone else’s. You can travel even if you don’t have the time and money to backpack through Europe. San Francisco isn’t Paris, but it can be its own adventure.

Take a Bay-cation

It’s time to give Main Stacks a breather. Berkeley is fortunate enough to be situated within close proximity to many amazing destinations. Here’s an in-depth look at four places in the Bay Area you need to visit this weekend.

Destination: Berkeley

Each year, thousands of students flock to the University of California from every corner of the globe for an educational experience away from home. And why not?

Travel Photo Contest

We were excited to receive so many submissions for our Travel photo contest and here, we’re sharing some of our favorites.

Look where you least expect

People say one of the greatest lessons from traveling come from getting to know themselves better by leaving their comfort zones. It forces people to socialize with the natives and to understand their culture. I went to Europe for the same lesson in a different approach.

Alternative Trips serve communities

Two service-learning groups — Magnolia Project and Alternative Spring Breaks — are run by students who organize trips during UC Berkeley’s winter and spring breaks.