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Laughing is the best medicine

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FEBRUARY 27, 2013

As we all get settled into the semester, the excitement of returning to this incredible school begins to die down. Sure, reuniting with friends and returning to extracurricular activities are awesome, but classes are picking up the pace, the days are getting longer and the assignments never cease. When you catch yourself buried in things to do and completely overwhelmed, sometimes all you want to do is laugh away the stress. We think laughing makes everything better.

We already gushed about our favorite Harlem Shake videos, and frankly, we think that fad is over. So it’s time to head outside of the Berkeley bubble to introduce some new humor into our lives. A few YouTube videos have been circulating Facebook these past couple of weeks that seem like just the things to get you cracking up.

If you laugh at other people’s misfortune, as we do, watch this girl who burns her hair off. I mean, seriously, if you are going to make a tutorial, you should make sure you know what you’re doing. Those moments when you skip the reading and you totally have no idea how to answer a question in class don’t even compare to this girl. Maybe we feel a little guilty about her hair, but we still awkwardly laughed.

Here at Cal, we definitely know what weird is. I mean, we aren’t called Berzerkeley for nothing. So, this video fits right in with us: Taylor Swift and a screaming goat. We’re still not sure how the goat’s scream goes perfectly with the tone of the song. If that doesn’t make you giggle at least a little, then we would seriously advise a visit to the Tang Center.

If you don’t need to visit the Tang Center for that reason, you may still need to go if you are a victim of the unhealthy obsession everyone seems to have with cats. We even have a cats DeCal called Cats 101: From a Biological, Behavioral and Cultural Perspective. But the love that this girl has for cats may be bit overboard, even for Berkeley standards. If just thinking of cats brings tears to your eyes, this girl maybe your perfect eHarmony match.

Taking a chill pill and just laughing at ridiculous things is definitely one of our favorite things. We hope that these videos made your day as they made ours.

Image Source:kcolwell under Creative Commons 

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FEBRUARY 26, 2013

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