One way to earn $40,000 playing video games

Doesn’t that sound nice? Well here’s our bit of advice: Be good at StarCraft, like really good. Then, see if you can join Cal’s Starcraft team and compete and WIN in the most appropriately named, epic-sounding tournament ever: Collegiate StarLeague. Seems like a stretch? Well, apparently not for Cal’s own StarCraft team, who went down to Los Angeles on the weekend of Feb. 16 to 17 and placed first. Their prize was $40,000. That’s four zeroes right there.

Let the Clog try to encompass for you all exactly how incredible this is. The CSL began in 2009, inspired by South Korea’s Proleague competition that pits collegiate Starcraft players in the nation against each other. CSL brings together college groups from all over North America (mainly in the United States and Canada). Five seasons have passed, and believe it or not, Cal expertly snagged first place in the beginnings of this tournament in the pool of 25 colleges and universities.

In the most recent season (called AZUBU Collegiate Championships), things changed quite drastically. Because of the large influx of competitors with every passing season, CSL decided to go global and include Europe and Asia. Also, the prize money increased to a total of $83,000, split up between the top-ranking teams. The final championship round had the top two North American teams, the winner of the European conference and the winner of the Asian conference. Finalists were UC Berkeley, Chunnam Techno University from South Korea, University of Washington and Aarhus University from Denmark.

So in a nutshell, Cal kicked ass and toppled the second-place Chunnam Techno University and came out as two-time champion of the CSL (first time that has happened in the history of the CSL’s six years of existence). They happily received their prize money of $40,000 and eventually the title of champions of the North American sector, beating South Korea and Denmark (over 300 schools competed).

Perhaps the only way we youthful optimists can attain a five-figure sum of money is by exercising the lessons we have encountered throughout our entire lives (with some alterations):

  1. Work hard [at StarCraft]
  2. Take care of our body and exercise [your fingers, the mouse and keyboard for StarCraft]
  3. Be humble [by swallowing your pride and asking your best friend to give you game tips]
  4. Face all challenges [of vying for the ultimate power against Terrans, the Protoss, and/or the Zergs].

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Happy StarCrafting!


Image Source: eSports at Berkeley Facebook page