The 5 stages of Senioritis

Lately, some of us here at the Clog have been exhibiting some pretty inexplicable, albeit inexcusable, behavior. Is it some of that spring in the air? Or maybe something funky in our coffee? Nope! Friends, this is Senioritis.

If midterms haven’t already started, they’re just around the corner, and the seniors here at the Clog are not handling it very well. We’ve lost something crucial — our motivation. And how are we dealing with this loss?

Stage one: denial. Most of us went through this stage during our first few weeks of this, our last, semester. It’s a Sunday evening, and we all have discussion sections at 8 a.m. tomorrow, but we just can’t resist the skittle vodka that our next-door neighbor brewed earlier that afternoon. Next thing we know, we’re waking up on someone’s couch — on Tuesday.

Stage two: anger. The first round of tests and quizzes is drawing near, and every single one of our classes has scheduled a midterm ON THE SAME DAY. How could they do this to us?! This school — to which we’ve given three and a half years, blood, sweat and so many tears — this is how Berkeley repays us? (Queue mom’s unfortunately timed weekly check-in, another excuse to curse an undeserving sucker to the high heavens).

Stage three: bargaining. We call mom to apologize, and now, suddenly, we’re pitching what seems to be some pretty infallible persuasion. “Mom, listen, if I just drop my senior seminar, then I could just take it next fall with that really prestigious professor who, let’s face it, will probably offer me a research grant or something. I won’t have hit my unit cap, I think. It’ll be great! Just one more semester, pleeeeaaase.”

Stage four: depression. This is also known as chronic procrastination. Everyone has been telling us to watch “Downton Abbey,” and you know what: Today, we shall start season one. And finish it.

Stage five: acceptance. That week we devoted to Hulu Plus didn’t go very well, and we know it. Now, looking back, we realize that the last couple weeks of tomfoolery were well-spent preparing for the stress of weeks to come. Now, we actually have to deal with it. Not with microbrew or “How I Met Your Mother” but by catching up with what we’ve missed. Now midterms are here, and we’re somewhat prepared. We’ll be fine, as our common sense has kicked in. Get through this last semester, keeping our heads high, and we’ll make it through — probably with flying colors, as we have before. Those of you still on stage three or four, it’s time to move on. We have our future to look forward to!

Image source: carters under Creative Commons