For the record

I understand that my last column unintentionally caused offense over my reference to Berkeley City Councilmember Kriss Worthington as “Princess Worthington.”

This reference is not in any way intended to offend, demean or imply anything concerning the council member’s sexual orientation. As an ally of the queer movement and as someone who openly and actively supports LGBTQ rights in this country, I would never attack any member of the queer community for his or her sexual identity.

In my first column on Berkeley City Council, I provided nicknames for many of the council members. I called Worthington “Princess Worthington” as a reference to Princess Diana, who was famously known as the “People’s Princess.” Worthington, similarly, is the “People’s council member,” known locally as a staunch supporter of progressive causes. This reference should have been made more explicit in my last column.

From my observations of the council, I’ve seen Worthington interact regularly with audience members, students and even protesters, more so than his colleagues. He is, in my opinion, the “Man of the People,” and I use that phrase for him in my latest column.

As part of a humor column, none of these nicknames or references is intended to be offensive and most certainly not for Worthington, whose work I have great respect for. I understand that my reference to Princess Diana may be a little outdated, but that is all it is — a reference to the “People’s Princess.” I apologize if this reference was unclear or if it was interpreted in any way other than its original intent.

If you have any concerns over my references or questions about my column, feel free to contact me at any time at [email protected].