Cal students, the perfect candidates for a job at MythBusters

If you’ve been keeping up with “MythBusters” for the last decade that it has been on the air, you’ll be excited to learn that it is now hiring. The other day, the show tweeted that it’s looking for “a multi-talented, highly-motivated, behind-the-scenes junior builder with smart skills, an awesome attitude and an incredible work-ethic.” Doesn’t that sound like an all-encompassing description of a Cal Bear? We think so.

So if you’re graduating this semester, here is one job opportunity that you don’t want to miss. If you apply by March 8, you can become a MythBuster-in-training. Well, maybe not that exactly, but they’re looking to hire “lugger(s) extraordinaire”  (best job title ever?) to be a behind-the-scenes builder and “organizational guru.” The recruitment search extends to the entire Bay Area, but we think that the job description and requirements are obviously aimed at UC Berkeley students, the most qualified Bay Area-ites for this job.

But Daily Clog, you say, I’m not qualified to be a junior builder. I don’t know how to build … anything … and I’m not graduating with a degree in engineering. That is not a problem. We’ll show you how you unwittingly meet all seven of “MythBusters'” job requirements just by being the Cal Bear that you already are. Because we know everyone wants to stay in the Bay Area post-graduation.

Actually, we can’t help you with the first one. You’re either older than 21 or you’re not. But we guess if you really want to find a way around that, there are ways. We’re just not promoting them.

Have no fear, we know you can meet the other six requirements. The second one is less demanding than you think. We hope you already have “considerable experience” in some form of construction, because if necessity is the mother of invention, college is the eccentric aunt. You expertly designed and constructed a curtain for your dorm bed to avoid your roommate. You reinforced your reusable grocery bags so you wouldn’t drop all your food on the 51B. You constructed a stretcher out of sticks when your friend was attacked by a mountain lion while hiking to the Big C. You’ve got this.

Requirement three is even easier, because obviously you’re an “expert lugger.” You’ve been lugging your backpack and everything else — readers, laptops, the Daily Cal — all over our hilly campus for the last few years. For requirement four, your “workshop” (i.e. your dorm, apartment or co-op room) may not be so organized, but you’ve still been able to find a scantron somewhere in the mess. Head MythBusters Jamie and Adam would find you overwhelmingly resourceful. Also, you probably could find that scantron while “reciting pi to its 10th decimal.” That’s what they’re really interested in.

We’ll skip requirement five for now. Frequent the RSF until you can “bench your own weight.” You still have a couple of months until graduation.

We know you have plenty of what they call “secret skills” for requirement six. They’re Berkeley-fied secret skills. You know how to dodge the homeless, find a meal at 2 a.m. and navigate Dwinelle. Truth be told, nobody knows how to navigate Dwinelle, but put it on your resume anyway. You found your way to class in there eventually. It only took a month.

As bloggers who love to publicize ourselves and our writing, we will admit that requirement seven is a little disappointing. You’re not applying for an on-camera job. But you should be willing to tame your post-graduation vanity for this opportunity. You’re going to meet Jamie and Adam! You get to help them bust more myths! Our advice should help you get there. Requirement seven explains that you would do this job “for the fun, challenge and heavy-lifting.” That sounds a lot like the reasons you applied to Cal, except challenge should probably be listed before fun, and you didn’t expect any heavy lifting until move-in day.

And for all you engineering majors who are actually qualified for this job — beyond being a Cal Bear — congratulations, you have a leg up above the rest of us. We’ll be in touch with you about sneaking the Clog staff onto the set one day.

Image Source: Official MythBusters Twitter