We Spy: possibly most annoying tree on campus?

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As we all know, snagging a study spot at the FSM cafe is usually next to impossible. Unless you’re willing to show up at the crack of dawn when it opens or are prepared to hover around for an hour carefully monitoring the table situation like a starved hyena on the prowl for prey, you’re pretty much going to find yourself out of luck. If by some miraculous chance you do happen to get ahold of a chair, you’d better hope you won’t have to use the bathroom anytime soon and leave your precious seat open to a potential sneak-attack by another desperate student.

The solution? Grabbing a seat outside, of course! The FSM cafe usually has plenty of seating on its patio with great views of the west side of campus. And with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having the last couple of days, who’s complaining, really?

Well, as the Clog recently discovered, while basking in the sunlight on the balcony of FSM sounds good in theory, there’s a hitch in practice. More specifically, the incredibly ill-positioned conifer featured in the photo above, which effectively blocks out the sun and casts a good part of the patio in perpetual shade. Now we know Berkeley’s not exactly the most receptive place for any suggestions of deforestation, and at the risk of attracting the fury of the United Tree-Huggers Alliance, we still have to ask: Would it really hurt to “trim” this bad boy a little? All we’re asking for is a little sunlight. Just a few feet snipped off the top ought to do it, really.

No one need ever know.

Image Source: Corinne Platten, The Daily Californian