AirBears, you suck … but not for long!

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There are many places on campus where the AirBears signal is so weak that you just want to pull your hair out. Your Internet connection has slowed to a crawl and pages take whole minutes to load (gasp). Fortunately Berkeley alum Roland Saekow, who was also tired of weak AirBears reception, decided to do something about it. The product he created in his quest for better Wi-Fi reception led to a simple, yet powerful, product that allows you to strengthen your reception to a Wi-Fi network and access Wi-Fi you would not be able to access otherwise. It consists of just an antenna combined with a powerful receiver and transmitter. Inspired by his original quest to get better access to AirBears, he called his creation BearExtender.

The BearExtender site claims that their product is about “ten times more powerful” than the Wi-Fi card in your laptop, which sounds amazing if you can’t quite seem to pick up a good signal on Memorial Glade or are trapped in the dungeons of Moffitt. The popular tech site Engadget reviewed the PC version of BearExtender and praised the product saying, “To put it simply: this thing works. At 240 feet, with a concrete wall between us and our 802.11b/g router, our laptop’s integrated WiFi receiver gave up the ghost but the BearExtender PC felt like it was just getting warmed up.” The BearExtender site also mentioned that their product is also used by the military.

It’s awesome to see a fellow Bear have such success. There are lots of little problems is on our daily lives here at Cal, but not very many of us do much to fix them. Trying to fix those problems help everyone, makes Cal more awesome than it already is, and in the process, you might just come across that million-dollar idea.

Image source: BearExtender Press Resources