Cal football head coach Sonny Dykes’ five-year contract valued at $9.7 million

Tony Zhou/File

Cal Athletics announced the official terms of football head coach Sonny Dykes’s contract on Friday. The contract will run through the 2017 season and is valued at $9.7 million.

Dykes, who signed the contract on Feb. 7, will receive an annual base salary of $250,000 a year with a talent fee for media obligations. The terms also include additional bonuses for on-field and academic performances.

“Sonny Dykes is the right person to lead our football program,” Cal Athletics Director Sandy Barbour said. “I’m pleased to say that we have concluded this process, so we can focus on ‘winning everywhere’ in our football program.”

Bonuses pertaining to academic performance include Dykes earning $10,000 to $23,000 when the total team GPA ranges from 2.7 to 3.0 and when the team’s Academic Progress Rate ranges between 960 to 980. Last year, Cal’s APR score slipped to 936.

For on-field bonuses, Dykes will receive escalating bonuses if the team wins more than seven games.

The contract also includes a one-time lump sum of $594,000, which was paid to Dykes on Feb. 15. The bonus is approximately the amount Dykes was required to pay for exiting his previous job as the head coach of Louisiana Tech.

If Dykes is fired by the university before the end of 2013, he will receive $3.75 million. In the subsequent years, that figure will be reduced by $750,000 per year until 2016.

If Dykes leaves the university voluntarily before 2013, he is required to pay $3 million. This figure will reduce in subsequent years.

The financial support for Dykes’ contract is provided by the self-generated revenue of the Cal Athletics Department.

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