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Scientists say that eating your own poop is actually feasible

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MARCH 04, 2013

Here at Cal, we are known for going green. We don’t want to waste our valuable resources — at least not until one of our students finds a way to solve the problem of diminishing resources. Because if anyone were to solve this issue, it would be a Golden Bear. Until then, we will continue carrying our DC food in reusable to-go containers, drinking tap water in reusable water bottles and recycling every plastic object we throw away.

Going green is awesome, but as we move forward in these efforts, how far are you willing to go? This week, Gawker offered us a solution to saving food … eat it again! Warning: This is a little bit gross.

That’s right, people, the question was asked: Can you eat your own poop? They find their answer through experts in this particular field of science, and indeed it is true — you could potentially eat your own poop if you are a healthy person and it’s not mixed with other bacteria or gross stuff.

We think that it’s hilarious and a little bit weird that this question would be taken seriously, but it leads to another equally relevant question: WOULD you eat your own poop? I mean, it’s crazy that we could do it, but would you?

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Is that even a question? What would possess someone to even consider that? But if you think about it, there are some possible benefits of doing this, especially for Cal students. It would totally save you meal points, especially if you’re one of those people begging for meal points at the end of the semester. Plus, it would be taking food conservation to a whole new level. There is no better way to ensure that food is being used to its fullest potential. Eat it twice to save the planet.

Now that we’ve thoroughly freaked you out, it is time to return to reality. No one is going to eat his or her own poop, we’re not Stanturd students. But it’s still fun to think about … and if you were ever to try out this theory, let us know!  Although we’re not sure how many other people would still talk to you. Because that would be totally gross. 

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MARCH 13, 2014