5 things all freshmen should do before the semester ends

Every year, a new cohort of bright and passionate freshmen enter Berkeley’s pristine campus and marvel at the majesty of their future. While the fall semester is already over and the school year is almost wrapping up, we hope everyone has been living his or her freshman year to the fullest. We’ve compiled a bucket list of sorts to make sure that you’ve experienced it all during your first year at Cal. Enjoy:

1)   Definitively decide your future plans … but not really.

Unless you are pursuing a professional degree, chances are that your ideas about your education are more uncertain than Berkeley’s bipolar weather. Part of the freshman experience is to look at all your choices for a degree and gaze upon the open possibility that is your life and then realize you have absolutely no idea what you want to do. While its never wrong to be ambitious, just remember that underwater basket weaving is always an opportunity if your triple Ph.D./J.D./M.D. doesn’t work out.

2)   Get belligerently drunk and decide to never drink again (and then repeat)

While some of us knew how to have fun in high school, college is an entirely different ball game. It begins during those exciting first weeks. We’ll paint you a familiar image: impressionable young souls enthusiastic for college swarm frat row and decide to re-enact scenes from “Animal House,” disregarding their imminent liver damage. Regardless of how you think your nights have been ending, freshman year is a unique opportunity to embarrass yourself. We can think of a few examples, but we’ll leave it to your imagination. Needless to say, for many, freshman year is not complete without a few solemn vows never to drink again. Regardless, we’ll refrain from judgment when we see you on Piedmont next fall — just don’t puke on us again.

3)   Get thrown out of Late Night

College is a time of experimentation and freedom. And as described above, many freshmen decide to experiment with excessive inebriation. We’ve been there before: It’s 1:15 in the morning, and you and your friends have been watching “The Play” on YouTube, taking shots every time the Bears decide to embarrass Stanfurd. Before long, the count is too high, and you start feeling bad for the Cardinal. Well, it’s as good a time as any to take this party to the legendary Late Night at Crossroads or Foothill. You’re there, and you start thinking it’s a good idea to sing the aria from Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” a la “Amadeus.” Five minutes later, you walk home wondering why that security guard couldn’t appreciate your vibrato. Needless to say, there are worse ways to ward off that freshman 15.

4)   Eat too much at Late Night

Sometimes, however, the musical enthusiasts of Late Night invite you inside. No freshman year is complete without ordering three quesadillas and a cheese pizza and refusing to share with your friends. Its not that you need to be selfish, but an extra order of chili fries really does taste better if you’re the only one eating it. Enjoy it while you can — that youthful metabolism is bound to slow down in the coming years.

5)   Declare a crusade against Tele-BEARS

While your introductory Byzantine class might describe the destruction and death the crusades caused, experiencing Tele-BEARS really does give it a new light. Maybe Pope Urban II was on to something? Freshman are at the bottom of the pecking order, and it is not uncommon to have your entire four-year plan destroyed because a senior athlete decided to take that last spot in introductory chemistry because, as we know, the school makes sure to never offer that class again (sarcasm). We’ve all been there, especially those of us who happen to be freshmen.  The important thing is to take things in perspective and refrain from cursing Tele-BEARS and vowing to destroy it. No crusades, OK?

Image source: Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons