Players to watch: Cal-Stanford Gameday

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Dwight Powell

The Cardinal offense is a well-oiled machine. But their greatest weakness on offense is shooting 2-pointers.

Powell is the best on the Cardinal at scoring on the block and draining mid-range jumpers. When the Stanford offense is clicking, Powell is shooting efficiently and getting to the line. A successful night from the 6-foot-10 junior forward will put pressure on the interior defense of the Cal forwards and play a major role in getting the Cardinal offense flowing.

Tyrone Wallace

Wallace was all over the place against Colorado on Saturday afternoon, totaling 16 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists. But because of his youth, Wallace struggles with consistency from game to game.

These consistency issues surface most evidently in his three-point shooting. The key to an easy Cal victory lies in whether Wallace can find the 3-point shooting form he once displayed against the Ducks or the Trojans.