5 fun ways to lose at trivia night

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Last Wednesday, SUPERB hosted its British Invasion Bar Trivia Night at Pappy’s. While we imagine it would have been fun to win, we know some people just know more trivia than others. If you missed SUPERB’s event, or if you just didn’t win last week, never fear. Here are some ways that you can prepare yourself for the next trivia night.

Drag your friends along. What are friends for? Answer: to wheedle and pressure into going to events like this. Get people together whom you like, preferably who also know something relevant about the kinds of questions you’ll be asked, and convince them to help you try to win. Don’t pick up random people from your English 45C section just because you assume they must know British trivia. They might be awful people (although personally, we love people from English 45C). However, if they don’t know anything about anything pertaining to the topic, we want you to still like them afterward. Bring friends.

Create a weird identity. SUPERB usually wants you to come up with a creative team name. At least, we think that’s what they want. Otherwise, we don’t know why they give out a prize for what they think is the best team name. A few standout names we remember were “Sexy Bacon” and “We Don’t Know Anything About Britain.” Way to think outside the box, even if your team name has nothing to do with … anything.

Make up ridiculous answers when you don’t know the answer. This is why you go with friends. It’s not the SAT: They don’t take away points for wrong answers … well, so far they don’t. If you’ve never heard about what they’re referring to, concoct some crazy idea with your friends that hardly makes any sense but is funny to you.

Mock others … especially if they’re taking this trivial trivia night a little too seriously. We’re not in Chem 1B, friends; it doesn’t actually matter if you know the answer. Well, if you want a Pappy’s gift card, it does, but in the grand scheme, you’re not getting anything out of this. Stop cheering for yourselves.

Drown your sorrows. Whether it’s with a burger or a beer, Pappy’s will always be there to help you when you’re down.

Image source: Jessica Rogness, The Daily Californian