Fashion Fridays: Campus Style

Alejandra Ramirez/Staff

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Fashion fanatics! Fashionistas! Fashion police! Welcome to the revived and revamped “Fashion Fridays” blog, where we seek out the tip-top, cream-of-the-crop dressers from our eclectic campus and present them here for your entertainment.  Bold, confident and runway-worthy, these individuals and the clothes they sport teach us a thing or two about looking fly. And, importantly, when they donned their modish or offbeat outfits in the morning they had no idea they would end up featured here — their styles are as genuine as their smiles. Who knows, dress to impress and maybe you too will have the privilege.

This handsome gentleman, Matt Langione, was spotted reclining on the steps of Wheeler Hall. Clad in a sharp yet casual suit, he exudes what we might call “scholarly chic.” The suit color is light and unassuming, giving it an airy, graceful feel. This allows the skinny blue tie to stand out nicely from the ensemble. Meanwhile, the matching bag, belt and shoes are a very refined touch. This outfit gives a new polish to the phrase “off to class.”

Next we have Aly Maun, a free-spirited vision floating by Sather Gate. Whether Maun is on her way to a lecture or off to capture butterflies in a Japanese garden is indeterminate, but her outfit certainly draws the eye in a pleasing way. The combination of purple tinted glasses and a flowery, kimono-like garment is a bold and attractive choice. And her combat boots, zigzag tights and black skirt give off a cool, edgy quality.

Indeed, combat boots and floral patterns were somewhat of a theme on campus this week. This strapping lad, Sean Soave, was looking assured and composed in a flowery button-down and black Doc Martens. We should note here that it’s not just the clothes that matter but how you wear them. The rolled up mustard corduroys and tightly clasped messenger bag render the outfit as nimble as it is eye-catching.

Finally we have Cansu Culha, who commanded attention on campus thanks to her daring and unusual choice of T-shirt. A vivid face with bright orange hair sits in the middle of Culha’s colorful top, almost jumping out of its two-dimensional confines. All other items Culha is wearing are monochromatic, accentuating the image at the center. The outfit stands out but is also well-balanced.

All photos shot by Alejandra Ramirez.