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MARCH 08, 2013

It was a busy and ever-so-draggy day when the above flyer caught our eye.

It was unlike anything we’d ever seen around here. We’ve heard our fair share of this Late Night Option, but this advertisement was too enticing not to act on. Who could pass up on comfort food delivered right to your door? They offer a variety of different cuisines: burritosbowlspho, straight up American comfort food (burgers, chili fries, etc), milkshakes, and, newly, cigarettes and ice cream. We always knew that they offered some fine food, but cigarettes and ice cream? It sounds like something out of a film noir. So ridiculously sultry. In principle, it blows Late Night right out of the water. No walks down to Crossroads or Foothill, plus it’s open so much later! The convenience is a dream for us college students. So we decided to buy into the hype.

The ordering is all online, so you don’t need to worry about phone fright. The pay is all part of it too, so no need to dig up your checkbook or some loose bills to tip the driver like all those order-in pizza nights. All in all, it’s a super easy-to-use interface. From the moment we placed our order for mushroom pho, our mouths were watering. Right at that moment, it started raining, so we count ourselves weather/food psychics.

Rainy pho.

Half an hour later (not bad!), our soup arrived. We had no idea what to expect from delivery soup but it was all neatly packaged in a waterproof bag, which was a good thing, because by then, it was pouring! We half imagined it to be all assembled in a plastic bowl like they do at San Francisco Soup Company, but to our surprise, all the ingredients were packaged separately. It turned out to be a pho-style Lunchable with a bowl the size of our head. But look at those cute stickers! And look, free candy!

Pho assembly.

Admittedly, it took a bit to assemble everything together. The noodles were in a huge clump that needed to be melted down, and it was hella hot anyway. All we wanted was to devour this delicacy, but we didn’t have any patience or ice cubes on hand (protip for the future: remember these things). When it was finally at a good temperature, we dug in. And frowned. Where was the flavor? Where was the joy? We doused it in the sriracha and teriyaki that came with it, but it only improved it a tiny bit. Here’s a breakdown of our thoughts on this dish. We’ll give you the bad news first:

Mushroom Pho

1) The broth is super bland. Be sure to keep a salt shaker or two in your cargo pants.

2) The self assembly is kind of a hassle. Plus, the packaged noodles are microwave pho status.

3) The ‘shrooms were rubbery.

4) For what it was, it was pretty expensive. $15? For soup? We think that’s pushing it.


1) It’s warm. What better feeling is there than something warm in your stomach on a rainy day?

2) It’s huge! The photos don’t do it justice. Definitely at 2+ meal status.

3) In general, Late Night Option is loaded with vegetarian options! We know all you veg-ies are underrepresented in the comfort food department.

4) It’s also super duper convenient. Having food delivered to your door once in a while that’s not pizza is pretty blissful.

This experience might have been a let down but we have hope that future times will be more pleasant. Just take a look at the menu! There are some pretty tasty looking options beyond what we decided to try. If you decide to give it a go, let us know what you get so we can break our streak of disappointment! Happy muching, bears.

Image sources: Hailey Simpson, The Daily Californian 


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MARCH 07, 2013

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