We spy: Moocho taking advantage of an innocent squirrel

Daniel Radding/File

The mobile payment and discount app Moocho has gone too far in its latest ad campaign. Spotted in Dwinelle, their latest flyer not only makes us want to gouge our eyes out, but also takes advantage of a poor innocent squirrel. This little guy was clearly just minding his own business, never knowing that his business would be plastered on flyers all over campus. It would appear this nude photo was taken against the squirrels will and then used without his permission. Did the squirrel agree to this photo shoot? Is he being compensated for his “business” being used for commercial purposes? If so, how is he being compensated? Acorns? We would love to know.

Moocho was clearly going for some shock advertising here and they certainly succeed with the shock but we’re questioning how effective it was considering their product is used to buy food. After seeing this flyer we certainly aren’t any more hungry for food, if anything we threw up a little bit in our mouths upon seeing it.

We’re fine with the slogan “Moocho has deals so good they’re nuts,” just show us something appetizing instead. Maybe we’ll actually download the app and buy food instead of  trying to hold down whatever is already in our stomachs while we’re feeling bad about abuse of the local squirrel population.