Chalking vs flyering: which is better for advertising?

Walking down Bowditch this week after a long day of classes, we came across this little piece of art/advertising. This particular gem was informing us of the Perspectives showcase coming up. There’s nothing new in the method — clubs and groups chalk all the time to get their messages out there. But it got us thinking about all the different ways people go about making themselves heard here at Berkeley. Is there any one method that surpasses all others?

We tried breaking it down. Chalking is a fun, relatively eye-catching way of promoting an event, telling people to rush a sorority or any number of things you want to get students involved in. It’s not a typical flyer (we all know how people love those), and people are bound to see it in areas with high foot traffic.

Chalking isn’t a foolproof way to bring in numbers, though. High foot traffic means a lot of feet stepping on your designs and rubbing them out. You’ll either have to redo them periodically or just deal with them fading out sadly until they’re no longer legible. People may not understand what you’re looking to promote either. We know what Perspectives is, but not everyone walking by will necessarily understand what it is or want to take the time to look it up.

Tabling and yelling on Sproul is probably the most common way of getting your group’s name or event out there. Most students have to pass through Sproul to get to and from class, so you’re sure to have an audience. It’s also the prime place to hand out flyers if you have them. But not everyone (actually, no one) is a fan of the whole in-your-face kind of marketing. Anyone who’s had to work that coveted gig of flyering has had their fair share of rejection, even through all the smiles they forced. When people do take flyers, a good number still get forgotten or thrown away unread.

We couldn’t really come up with a solid answer to our posed question, and of course there’s loads of other ways to get the job done too. Do you have any preference to how you want to be informed about school stuff? Or would you just like to walk through and around campus without feeling harassed?

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Image source: Erum Khan, the Daily Californian