#Untamed: Be a Part of an International Photo Installation

Mercedes Benz/Courtesy

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Ever want to have a spot in an international photo exhibition but don’t have the money to buy real photographic equipment? Here’s your chance. A project sponsored by Mercedes Benz, #Untamed is an Instagram-based installation in Paris, in which you can submit three of your most unusual snapshots.

All you have to do is choose three of your most anything-but-average Instagram photos, which are given an #Untamed score and then join the ranks of the other photos in a live-viewing experience in Paris.

The photos that are already on the site are weird, beautiful and abstracted — photos that obviously have had more thought than just whether to use the Valencia or Lo-Fi filter.

Though clearly a contest that just wants to spread the word of the new Mercedes CLA, why not have some of your shots be seen in Paris?

A.J. Kiyoizumi covers visual art. Contact her at [email protected].