We Spy: College Avenue bear on varied diet

Corinne Platten/Staff

As every eager campus tour guide is ready to tell you, Berkeley’s full of fun attractions and cool sights. There’s the Campanile, the Stadium, the Gourmet Ghetto, yada yada yada. Don’t be surprised if, by the end of one of these tours, you’re left with the impression that the Seven Wonders of the world are actually located around the Berkeley campus. While all these things are great and definitely deserve a visit, what doesn’t get mentioned often are the more “authentic” attractions that the city has to offer. Take for example the Golden Bear on College Avenue.

This stoic animal is positioned just a few blocks away from campus, guarding its premises from unwarranted visitors (like, anyone from Stanford). Students traditionally show their appreciation for the Bear – naturally known as Oski — by keeping it well fed and on a very varied diet.

On Friday nights Oski will usually be found casually sipping a bottle of beer, just getting warmed up for the night. Pass by it a little later and you’re bound to see it with a CREAM sandwich wrapper in between its jaws – because, hey, even Bears get drunchies. On other occasions this predator, in true Berkeley spirit, will demonstrate its inclination for the vegan, locally produced cuisine by nibbling on some freshly picked flowers.

As you can see by the photo, this morning as the Clog walked by Oski was caught in the process of killing a midterm. We guess that’s just what Bears do.

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