Thursday app of the week: Office 365

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Name: Microsoft Office 365

Platform(s): Windows, OSX, The Internet

Price: Free

Mission: Make Office files sync everywhere and more

This week’s app would be completely boring if it was not for the fact that it’s now (kinda) free for people with a @edu email address. As a student you’ll get three months of Office 365 for free plus another three months if you share a status about it on Facebook. Additionally you’ll get 20 GB added to your SkyDrive as well as 60 Skype minutes.

Now you might be asking yourself what Office 365 is and how it’s different from the regular Office Suite (we sure didn’t know). Office 365 is what the regular Office Suite should be. It’s a combination of the Office you know and love/hate and the functionality of Google Docs. All of your Office files are synced to the Cloud and you can access and work on them anywhere whether it’s on your computer, a computer at the library, or even your phone. And like Google Docs, you can collaborate on files with other Office 365 users. Microsoft would be giving Google Docs a fierce run for its money if it baked in this functionality into the regular Office Suite.

We here at the Clog are all for free stuff but the limited time aspect of this offer is a little but of a turn off, especially considering you replicate this offer and more on your own. We suggest downloading the latest Office Suite, since it’s free for Cal students, and then downloading Dropbox (Cal students earned an extra 25GB for each student) or Box (Free 50GB for Cal students) so you can sync files across devices and in the cloud. This paired with Google Docs for the occasional group project should have all of your needs covered and more. Plus this isn’t some limited offer, it’s good forever.

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Image source: Jeremy Brooks under Creative Commons