Fashion Fridays: Fashion Over Function, Always

Alejandra Ramirez/Staff

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A spot of gray weather and a storm of midterms in Berkeley this week had an unfavorable influence on the campus fashion scene. Sproul Plaza was a sea of dark colors hung unceremoniously over haggard bodies. It took a keen eye to locate those fashionable souls who never compromise on style, but these bold dressers were nonetheless there to be found and eager to be photographed. As we look over the best outfits from a week characterized by unkempt hair and dreary sweats, remember the following mantra: fashion over function, always.

Kicking off the runway show is Katie Martinez, looking elegant yet mobile by Kroeber Fountain. Her long, flowing skirt and silky top speak of casual gracefulness, while the black and white color scheme renders the outfit sharp and highly tasteful. Add the black leather bag and cute sunglasses and you have a self-assured girl ready to command attention.

This dashing duo, Danielle Akry and Lucky Pettersen, stood out thanks to understated yet truly stylish clothes. Akry’s zebra pants, sleek flats and denim flannel gave off an air of urban sophistication, rendering her outfit perfect for an afternoon rendezvous at a campus café. Meanwhile, Pettersen’s simple T-shirt combined with a black fedora and skinny black jeans formed an excellent manifestation of “shabby chic.”

Next we have Alicia Perkins, detected on Sproul in a striking, if somewhat outlandish ensemble. Sporting a brown vest over a blue mesh top with a red bowtie, Perkins deserves high praise for her daring choices. Complete with jean shorts, pinkish tights and sleek brown shoes, the outfit is full of life and spunk. Top marks to her for pulling this off.

All photos shot by Alejandra Ramirez