Get a head start on choosing classes for the Fall

Uday Mehta/Staff

Only two months into the spring semester, and it’s already getting close to that time again. Yeah, the only time apart from finals week that makes students all across campus tear out their hair and cry tears of frustration. If you listen closely during the next few weeks, you’re almost certain to hear an agonized scream from that usually quiet girl living above you. Don’t worry – she’s fine, but her class schedule is probably less so. That’s right, the evil Tele-BEAR has come to wreak havoc on us again.

True to its name, NinjaCourses has managed to snag a good majority of the schedule for Fall 2013 before Berkeley’s official course catalog got around to it. So if you have a NinjaCourses account – setting one up takes all of five minutes if you don’t – you can start planning ahead for some of your courses. For all of you who have not experienced the Ninja’s awesome power, it’s the same thing as Schedule Builder, but with ratings for all the professors. And for those of you who haven’t used Schedule Builder … well, we don’t know how you’ve survived thus far.

The actual schedule is projected to be released Monday – but considering the number of overachievers crammed into campus, we doubt that most of you will be waiting for the schedule to be fully updated officially before you get started creating the perfect schedule. More importantly, the date of your Phase 1 ordeal will also be revealed Monday on BearFacts. Don’t worry, it begins on April 8, so you have at least three weeks to play with that assortment of 100,000 schedules that the generator spits out at you.

If you thought that your Spring Break was going to be boring, now you have something super exciting to plan for! Even though the process may suck in its entirety, it can be pretty exciting looking ahead to next year. Remember the usual tools – Oracle, CourseRank, BerkeleyTime – and don’t let that good old advisor code that some students need slip your mind.

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