5 kinds of Berkeley spring-breakers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock — or a mountain of midterms and papers — you know that spring break is next week. The allure of a week without 8 a.m. discussions and endless club meetings is so irresistible that if you have no exams or papers due this week, you’ve already checked out. Before most of us at the Clog run joyfully screaming to our own breaks, we want to investigate how other Cal students are spending their vacation. Here are the five most distinct spring-breakers that we see:

The bank-breakers. Even at nose-to-the-grindstone Berkeley, we know plenty of students who actually have fun, let their hair down and go on the typical crazy college spring break. (Anyone ready for a rendition of “Spring Breakers?”) They have a weeklong exotic vacation planned — probably to Cancun or Miami — with friends to go out with a memorable experience.

The alternative-breakers. These kids are going to save some part of the world over spring break, whether it’s issues with health care, homelessness or animals. We love them for it, but they unintentionally make us feel guilty for selfishly taking a break from reality over the holiday while they work toward social justice. Or maybe we just write them off as overachieving hipsters … just kidding, snaps for them.

The app-breakers. If you’re trying to be productive in between TV marathons, break can be a chance for last minute efforts at summer internship applications. Whether applying for jobs in Berkeley or at home, this group is filling out paperwork and polishing their resumes over break. Luckily all of the bureaucracy of Berkeley has prepared them for all those forms.

The study-breakers. They’re staying in Berkeley for one of three reasons: They can’t afford to go home, they don’t want to go home or, in a very Berkeley fashion, they can’t go home because they have studying to do here. We hope they find some time to explore Berkeley while most of us are gone. Or at least enjoy Main Stacks being even more eerily quiet than usual. (We hope these kids at least explore some other libraries on campus during their week!) We also hope they don’t accidentally forget about spring break altogether and end up sitting in lecture for 15 minutes before realizing  that no one is there.

The traditional home-breakers. These kids are going back to mom and dad. Whether they are celebrating Easter with the family or simply taking advantage of the free cooking and laundry, the comfort of being at home is probably the number one way people spend spring break. They’ll enjoy family cooking and endure family squabbles. Then, they’ll have to rush back to Berkeley on Monday to dive back into the chaotic lifestyle.

You’ll probably find yourself in more than one group here. We imagine you’ll try to juggle a vacation, studying and entertaining your family all in one week. Now that we’ve done our job for you, (hardcore investigative journalism, obviously), we’re going to run off to spring break. Let us know what kind of Berkeley spring-breaker you are!

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Image source: Tostie14 under Creative Commons