Purple Kow: threatening the ‘Boba Trifecta’

Eunice Choi/File

The most well-known boba places — Quickly, Sweetheart and Moccacino Cafe — constitute what we call the “Boba Trifecta,” whose ideal locations near campus and in the Asian Ghetto have brought them flocks of sugar-slurping, penny-pinching college students through the years. Then, Sheng Kee Bakery broke up the little fiesta earlier this month by landing a sweet spot next to The Toaster Oven and drawing in tons of students with their own milk teas and boba. Now, another threat is looming in the horizon on Center Street, and that is Purple Kow. The “Boba Trifecta” is yet again pissed off, and Sheng Kee Bakery just might have to kiss its sizzling initial boom of business a slow goodbye if students start showing interest in the not-yet-opened-but-we’re-pretty-sure-it-will boba shop.

Surrounded by continuous hype, Purple Kow already has a well-known branch in San Francisco. Most recognizable for its “chubby cubs” (Sheng Kee had that thing going on too for a bit, but now we wonder why we don’t see those chubby cubs anymore), Purple Kow is one of those places that has long lines extending out its doors. While the Clog unfortunately can’t personally account for an opinion of P.K.’s boba quite yet, we’re assuming that if the lines are that friggen’ long, then it’s something we are willing to check out. Yet we have no idea when Berkeley’s own Purple Kow will open nor if it will actually be another threat to the Trifecta. Hence the miserably vague words “Coming Soon” rather than a set opening date.

The Boba Trifecta can’t be too pleased with the continual interruption of its consistent customer base. To be honest, the Clog is really feeling the new Sheng Kee Bakery’s tiger milk tea with pearls more than it does any of the Trifecta’s typical offers. However, we’re still on the lookout for the progress of this potential threat. Literally, there is nothing to see of the store as of now. We do see the obvious sign that blankly states, “Now Hiring: Part time/Full time,” so hey, if any of you are interested in an outside job, give this a shot and thank the Clog if you land a position. Otherwise, we are clueless. What isn’t debatable is the eyebrow-raising fact that Center Street has been getting quite the gradual makeover with Cheeseboard’s rival sibling Sliver Pizzeria springing up in February and now Purple Kow mysteriously promising an imminent opening. Maybe Center will continue to have a turnover of businesses, and we’ll have more new things to get all excited about. We have our eyes peeled open.

Keep on the lookout for the Clog’s watch on the progress of Berkeley’s Purple Kow.


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