Thursday app of the week: Jolidrive

Daniel Radding/Staff

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Name: Jolidrive

Platform(s): The Internet, iOS

Price: Free

Mission: Access all of your cloud storage and social media from one dashboard

During last week’s App of the Week we mentioned that using the 25GB UC Berkeley won for each student on Dropbox or the 50 free GB students here get on was a great way to sync your documents across multiple devices. However, that made us wish that there was some way to combine all of this free space. Then, a web app called Jolidrive came out last week that tries to address this problem.

We have so many different ways to store files and media between cloud storage and social networks that we quickly find ourselves with five to 10 tabs open on our browser for just those services. Jolidrive takes all these services and creates a one-stop dashboard. Is it perfect? No. Is it an awesome idea we hope to see improve? Yes.

Having a true dashboard for your online services would be heaven and Jolidrive is a step in the right direction. Right now, Jolidrive lets one access most of the major online cloud storage and social media sites, including previously mentioned Dropbox and Box as well as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, SoundCloud and Pocket.

Jolidrive really excels in a few areas. Browsing Instagram and Tumblr is a breeze because Jolidrive uses a grid view. Being able to read articles from the read-it-later app Pocket is a fantastic bonus. We love that you can view and edit Google Docs within the app. We also really like that you can stream music from SoundCloud from within the app.

However, we do have a couple things on our wish list. The lack of Twitter integration is glaring and might be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. Incorporating Twitter in the future might actually make Jolidrive a one-stop dashboard. We would also like to see access to the Facebook newsfeed (right now, you can only access your photos). And lastly, we are hoping for a search bar so that we can search all of our accounts at the same time. The ability to search all of your accounts simulataneously would be a major time-saver and is something that isn’t available right now.

Overall, Jolidrive is an awesome concept that is worth taking for a spin. We hope it improves in the future with even more functionality.

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