Cal fans named some of the hottest in the country

Marcus Gedai/Staff

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UC Berkeley is on the rise in all the right places. Last month, Cal Bears everywhere learned that their alma mater placed in the top five universities worldwide for academic reputation (beating Stanford). Last week, three of UC Berkeley’s graduate programs (English, history and sociology) were crowned by US News & World Report as the best in the country. Today, on the heels of March Madness, Bleacher Report announced that Berkeley’s student population is one of the hottest in the country.

But is this shocking news? After all, Cal, situated in sunny California with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, just seems to be a natural habitat for some of the smartest and most attractive student body. Here is a short list for why we’re sexy and we know it.

Endurance. Years spent trekking the rugged campus hills every single day transform the Golden Bear’s glutes into a work of art. And why is CKC dining hall’s breakfast fit for champions?  Try hiking four blocks from Clark Kerr uphill to make your 8 a.m. class.

Agility. Dodging the stray dogs on Southside and crossing trash-laden Telegraph has led to fancy footwork. And Cal student’s calves are basically the product of crowd maneuvering in flier-infested Lower Sproul.

Speed. Berkeley’s 10-minute extension period between classes is the fundamental reason why Dwinelle-to-Tolman migrants can practically teleport.

Strength. What goes into a Cal student’s backpack? A laptop, a notebook and a few pens. But don’t forget how in every class there’s enough required reading to choke a whale.

Flexibility. Four four-unit classes, a couple of decals, half a dozen clubs, a job or two and throw in a social life. At Cal, we make contortion look painless.

Oh, and Stanford — is it on the list? Nope.

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