Fashion Fridays: Springtime on Sproul

Ashley Chen/Senior Staff

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With a splash of sunshine and a break from classes looming close on the horizon, Berkeley’s fashionable elite emerged, shyly at first but then more surely, like the budding flowers of spring. Bright-colored garments carried with easy-going posture floated through the central parts of campus, painting a warm picture over a fresh canvas. This week’s top dressers were a jovial bunch, catching some sunrays in style.

Strolling elegantly on Sproul Plaza was Emily Sando-Brown, a portrait of stripy sensibility. Her heavily striped leggings and banded sweater framed a light, dainty dress to produce a radiant look. Complete with a gleaming blue belt and polished black flats, the outfit combined subtlety with flair to great effect. On top of this, Sando-Brown’s vivacious hair and cheeky half-grin added a dash of charm to an already stellar appearance. Just a few paces over, Janeene Iles was discovered looking fierce and poised in an army-green shirt and high-waisted shorts. Her selection is fine proof that simple can be stunning. She found no need to be elaborate, and instead created a cute, suave outfit from a few complementary pieces. The look stands out thanks to its casual manner and natural tones.

Also seen on Sproul was Rivers Singh, a trend-defying musician clad in a furry white jacket, a flower necklace and vintage auburn shoes. With a brown cloth tied around his waist and a guitar slung absentmindedly over his shoulder, Singh gave off an air of cool calm most appropriate for the onset of spring. Moreover, the smoothness with which he bore his garments suggested flexibility and power.

Sometimes, just showing off a loud bang of color is as good as wearing the most stylish cuts and modish ensembles. Pictured here outside Doe Library is Niv Rajendra, sporting in an intricate shirt resembling a painting in a modern art museum. Contrasting sharply with her plain black tights and dark shoes, the shirt drew glances from students a mile away. From among the outfits seen on campus this week, this one was a true attention-grabber.

All photos shot by Ashley Chen