How to: get a good Tele-BEARS date

S.C Woolf/Staff

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Tele-BEARS dates are finally out for fall 2013, and as expected, they really suck. The Clog took an informal poll to prove that the “formula” of units, AP credits and luck that supposedly dictates our next semester is even more crazy and random than we first expected.

Tele-BEARS officially starts on Monday, April 8. Dates were scattered all over the place. The Clog, unsurprising, found a freshman with “senior standing” that has a Tele-BEARS appointment way before actual seniors. We all know that athletes and Regent Scholars get priority registration — we’re not totally okay with this either — but that still doesn’t explain why there is so much volatility with dates.

We consulted some real experts in the field and found the official Tele-BEARS breakdown. Tele-BEARS dates are determined by combining transfer and AP credits with units students are currently enrolled in. One to 29 units will give you freshman status, 30 to 59 sophomore status, 60 to 89 junior status, 90 to 109 senior status and 110 and more will give you graduating senior status.

Within those unit counts, your Tele-BEARS dates are random.

But get this: a source from the Office of the Registrar told us that freshmen and sophomore Tele-BEARS appointments are combined together. So that’s why you see students getting worse dates their sophomore year than they did freshman year. How completely weird is that?

We also talked to friends from different schools and found out that all across the country students have difficulty signing up and getting the classes they needed. So why is the problem so difficult? Is it simply that no school has updated their management systems since the 1990s, when Tele-BEARS came into play?

There has to be a better system, but we’re smart enough to know that it needs to come from the experts. Out of all the issues students face, having nightmares about Tele-BEARS is definitely one of the most prominent. From actual registration to trying to quickly fill into that last discussion seat only to find it was already taken, the registration system is a nightmare.

The Clog thinks discussing a new Tele-BEARS system would be a good topic for the student government to look into to make them actually seem important and relevant on campus, but what do you think? Are you happy with your Tele-BEARS date?

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