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The Commander-in-Chief champions Cal basketball

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MARCH 25, 2013

As we descend into the month of madness, we can only fill out our brackets and hope that our basketball teams defy the seemingly insurmountable odds and beat the myriad of teams with the same heightened aspirations. However, one of our teams is not without official support. Barack Obama – more widely known as the President of the United States, has put his stamp of approval on Cal Women’s Basketball, picking them to advance to the Final Four.

Dubbed the “Baracketologer-in-Chief,” the President is an avid fan of basketball and fills out a bracket every year — to varying success. It’s doubtful that he actually gets an inordinate amount of time to watch the teams and the players he supports, and it wouldn’t surprise us in the least if he had his own task force to deliver scouting reports on the most politically palatable picks to advance. Cal fans can do little more than believe in the presidential prediction of a man who has built his life’s work on the mantra “Yes, We Can!”

Though the pick wasn’t the toughest to make — the ladies are the second seed in their region — it was the only non-top seed to make it to New Orleans in the President’s eyes. More importantly, it shows the lack of confidence in a Stanford team that happens to be top-seeded in that very same Spokane region. The move may have the won him the favor of already adoring Bears — seriously, did you see Sproul Plaza on election night? But someone should remind him that pleasing his California constituents isn’t necessary, because the alleged “tyrant” — courtesy of FOX News — is legally unable to run for a third consecutive term. It is also reportedly unlikely that President Obama will use drone strikes to target opposing players before games.

After falling to the UCLA baby Bears unexpectedly early in the PAC-12 Tournament — a game that most thought would kill any chance of a favorable tournament matchup — the best seeding in Cal women’s history may just breathe life into the team. And with an executive endorsement, rumors of their demise may indeed have been greatly exaggerated.

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Image source: The White House

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