Cal women’s basketball team turned video stars

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As if they weren’t having a busy enough week, the Lady Bears took time to recreate their own version of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” while on the road for their next game. Not only are these women totally owning in their respective sport, but they also seem to have hidden musical talent; not everyone can pull off rapping like that. It’s nice to know even the most intense and talented athletes — and full-time students — know how to have fun in such a stressful time. This video overflows with Cal pride, and they have every right to brag. Why, you may ask?

In case you haven’t heard (or if you’ve been living under a rock), the Lady Bears have been kicking butt this year, currently heading to the Sweet 16 in Spokane, Wash. They’re only two games away from heading to the Final Four! Obviously, this is a big deal. So don’t forget to support our women and watch the game … even during spring break! We recommend getting decked out in blue and gold, just for fun. Good luck, ladies, we’re rooting for you!

Image Source: yangkr under Creative Commons 

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