Thursday app of the week: GoodSearch

Daniel Radding/Staff

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Name: GoodSearch

Platform(s): The Internet

Price: Free

Mission: Help out the Berkeley community

A search engine that gives money to charitable causes when you use it seems too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s called GoodSearch, and it has a pretty cool business model to turn your searches into money for charity.

How does GoodSearch make money? The key is that GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo search, which, like most search engines, generates ads with every search. Every time you click on one of these ads, Yahoo gets money. GoodSearch has a deal with Yahoo to split this ad revenue in half. GoodSearch keeps half of that half, and the rest goes to the cause of your choice.

While you choose the cause you support, we spotted some awesome causes right here in Berkeley including but not limited to the Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley High and the Berkeley Food and Housing Project. Berkeley is our home for most of the year, and we can always do a little more to take care of it. GoodSearch is a fantastic way to help without even knowing it. It even integrates with Facebook so your friends can see how much you’ve raised.

But here’s the problem: Most of us will forget to use it because Chrome and Firefox are our default search engines.

So here’s our proposition to you: Sign up for GoodSearch, and then change your default search engine to GoodSearch so you’re always using it without even thinking.


1. Go to settings

2. Click on “Manage Search Engines”

3. In “Other Search Engines,” find GoodSearch and click make default


1. Click on the Google logo in the search bar, which will reveal a drop-down menu

2. Select “Manage Search Engines”

3. Click on “Get more search engines”

4. Search “GoodSearch” and install it.

5. Return to the “Manage Search Engines” window from step two and move GoodSearch to the top

This is an easy way to give do our part to give back to the Berkeley community. It’s effortless and free, the two things college student love the most!

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