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Fashion Fridays: Rains and Campaigns

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APRIL 05, 2013

While ASUC candidates braved the rain to rein in their campaigns this week, the campus learned a valuable lesson: Democracy and fashion simply don’t mix. Well, actually that’s a bit of a stretch, and I certainly don’t fancy those North Korean military uniforms. But the fashion scene at Berkeley was truly dire, and even those with marginally chic attire were obscured by a sea of campaign signs, or else avoided the center of campus altogether.

3(2)Indeed, this is how the typical student appeared this week on Sproul. Clad in a fraying Cal sweatshirt and aged jeans while sporting worn-out Converse sans socks, Noah Ickowitz was the epitome of a fashion faux pas. Looking drab, discolored and dreary, his outfit did little to brighten up the clouds of campaign season.


Still, some vibrant color combos did find their way through campus, standing out like rainbows against a dark sky. Pictured here, Erica Hendry sported a vivid pink jacket, navy blue leggings and striking green boots. The ensemble was a highly welcome sight: A patch of light among hoards of grayscale stragglers. Never be afraid to rock those crazy colors.


Elsewhere, Nariman Shehata was spotted looking put together and confident outside Wurster Hall. The way her orange-brown blouse matched her orange-brown shoes may have not been so stylish on someone else, but Shehata made it work well in the context of her overall outfit. The white coat and black pants moderated the matching effect, resulting in what was on the whole clean and sharp look. 4(1)

Meanwhile, this week’s fashion star was Terilyn Walker, appearing cute and composed in a cool leather jacket and a flowing red skirt. Her lovely outfit was topped off with a trendy bag and an endearing beanie, enhancing its appeal. Just a bit of effort and voila, Walker strode through campus drawing several glances and looking positively charming.

All photos shot by Ashley Chen.

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APRIL 21, 2013

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