Want to know how much your professor makes?

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Curious about how much your professor makes? The Sacramento Bee has a nifty search engine that lets you effortlessly look up the salary of any state employee. Just search your professor’s name, choose UC Berkeley as the department and choose 2011 for the year (there doesn’t seem to be any data for 2012-13 yet).

So, who was the highest-paid in 2011? Former football coach Jeff Tedford — of course — who made a cool $2,884,880.25. How about some of our celebrity professors? Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich took home $235, 791.70, and our recurring NOVA guest astrophysicist Alexei Filippenko took $205,296.05 to the bank.

While the salaries we mentioned are on the higher end of the professor salaries, the average professor salary at Cal is $149,100. Not too shabby. A lot of us think that our professors don’t make much at all, perhaps closer to that of a high school teacher. But if you look up your professors, you’ll probably find they’re making a more-than-comfortable amount. In fact, Cal ranks 13th nationally when it comes to professor pay. Maybe being a professor isn’t so bad.