Ryan Koehn’s Picks of the Week

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‘42’ at United Artists in Berkeley

This one is for my fellow fans of America’s favorite pastime. The surprisingly modern take on the famous rise to glory of the MLB’s first African American player, Jackie Robinson, looks like it will score a home run with both baseball fanatics and movie-lovers. It’s also a chance to catch Harrison Ford before he once again disappears into a galaxy far, far away for the “Star Wars” reboot.

Ray Kurzweil at Zellerbach Hall

Don’t know the name Ray Kurzweil? Give it a few years. The leader in technology innovation and praised prophet of the future will visit our campus to share his widely popular predictions for human advancement, robotics and when exactly Siri will become smarter than you. Not prime date-night material — for that, please refer back to “42.”

Friday Nights at the de Young

This after-hours entertainment buffet of live music, theatrical dance and participatory arts and crafts has been brought back by popular demand from now through the summer at the prestigious de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. If you’re looking for something fun and original to do, this is your ticket. Plus, a Friday night spent in the city is worth it in itself.

BareStage Productions presents ‘The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee’

This Friday marks the opening of BareStage Productions’ latest venture, their rendition of the Tony Award-winning musical-comedy “The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee.” Although the setting is a middle school spelling bee, this is guaranteed to please all ages. Check it out in Room 20, Cesar Chavez basement this weekend.

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