Top three questions potential Bears ask current Cal students

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APRIL 10, 2013

It’s that time of the year. Admissions decisions have been mailed out — dreams either gleefully realized or unceremoniously shattered. Throngs of potential Cal students have begun to flood the campus through programs like the Overnight Stay Program, and many more will be arriving for Cal Day. Not surprising, many of them come with page long lists of questions about what college is really like.

A lot of current Berkeley students adopted a high school senior or two for the night in the hopes of convincing them that Cal really is superior to any other institution they could or would ever name. Here at the Clog, we’re having difficulty recalling a time when we weren’t Bears. What qualms could any person even have about Cal? We decided to find out. After tracking down a few Overnight Stay Program hosts, we asked them what kinds of questions they had been asked by their potential Berkeley Bears. The following three questions were the most frequent:

1. So, what’s up with Tele-BEARS? Um, good question. Can we get back to you on that one? The truth is, we don’t always really understand what’s going on with Tele-BEARS. We kind of figured it out (read about it here), but it’s still a little baffling. But this question ultimately led to, “How hard is it to get into the classes you want?” and we can answer that one. It depends on your major. Sometimes everything won’t go according to plan, and you have to learn to be flexible. You’ll get the class eventually, or you’ll have to suck it up and take an 8 a.m.

2. Do people really go up to the Big C to have sex? Unfortunately, we don’t actually possess any statistics concerning the frequency of Big C sexcapades, but we’re pretty sure it’s happened. It definitely comes up in discussions about Berkeley culture, and the act was recently awarded a top position in Caliber magazine’s Berkeley Bucket List.

3. How late do you stay up studying … I mean, does anyone have any fun? The amount of time that someone studies varies wildly — we won’t speak for everyone. We admit that during midterms and finals many a night is spent studying in Main Stacks. But if you don’t procrastinate, you will not be up until 4 a.m. every morning. We know plenty of people who are in bed by 11 p.m every night. And do we have fun? Um, yeah. And a lot of it. What a ridiculous question.

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APRIL 09, 2013

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