UC Berkeley crowned champion in research bracket

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UC Berkeley took the crown in Thomson Reuters’ Metrics Mania competition, an NCAA bracket-style contest that ranked universities based on their research impact.

UC Berkeley beat out Harvard in the final round of the tournament by one-hundredth of a point to be identified as the university with the best research performance of all American institutions competing in the NCAA basketball tournament.

“Our goal was to use proprietary scientific data and analytics from Thomson Reuters to have the schools compete on a different plain that would show a unique perspective into how those institutions compare in terms of their intellectual prowess,” said Gordon Macomber, managing director of Thomson Reuters Scientific & Scholarly Research, in a press release. 

The winners of each round were determined weekly from March 19 to April 8 using Thomson Reuters’ InCities program, a web-based evaluation tool that analyzes a university’s research productivity and performance based on citation data against peers, according to a press release.

In addition to inching out a lead over Harvard for the final battle, UC Berkeley beat out Duke and UCLA in the final four.



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