Thursday app of the week: Clear

Daniel Radding/Staff

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Name: Clear

Platform(s): iOS, OSX

Price: $1.99

Mission: Keep organized as the stress piles up

With Dead Week and finals creeping up on us, midterms still happening and papers due, it’s safe to say that many of us are stressed. We have too much to do and too little time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly and forget to turn in an assignment or post a response to bSpace. A great way to relieve some stress and help stay organized is to make a to-do list. There are lots of different to-do apps out there — and yes, some people still use an old-fashioned pen and paper — but our favorite is an app called Clear.

What makes Clear stand out is its intuitive simplicity and beauty. Clear is a gesture-based app that just makes sense and is effortless to use. Just “pull down” to make a new task. Swipe to the right on a task when you’ve completed it, or swipe left to delete it. To move tasks up or down the list, simply drag and drop. Tasks on the top of your list are dark red and progressively get lighter, toward yellow, to emphasize priority. If you need more than one list, you can easily make one. Pinching a list allows you to see a all of your to-do activities, which you can manipulate just like tasks. It’s straightforward, functional and beautiful to boot.

If $1.99 is too steep for your college budget, Any.DO is a great alternative that also happens to work with Android. If a to-do list app is simply too fancy, but you want a digital list, you could make a text file called todo.txt and put it on your desktop. In the end, a to-do list should help relieve stress and help you focus. Clear is a great app for this, but the most important thing is that it works for you.

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