The perks of the Berkeley Public Library

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OK, we know that UC Berkeley has a ridiculous number of libraries — 32, to be exact. So why on Earth would you venture over to Kittredge Street to go to the public library when there are study spots, big and small, literally all across campus? Here are four very convincing reasons for you to take a break from Main Stacks and head over to the Berkeley Public Library.

1. Change of scenery

Let’s face it: After midterms are over, you really don’t ever want to set foot in Main Stacks again. It’s synonymous with late nights, stress and the naked run. So give yourself a break with a change of scenery, and go study at a fresh new location. The public library is huge, and in our opinion, it’s also pretty snazzy-looking.

2. It’s empty

It’s kind of nice sitting in a large room that’s not filled to the brim. It’s not completely empty, of course, but compared to Moffitt … it might as well be. Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to worry about running into anyone you know, distracting you with smalltalk and awkward glances.

3. Not everything is available instantly on Netflix

Yeah, yeah, we hear you. Netflix, Hulu and … other sites whose legality may or may not be in question, you’re our favorite way to procrastinate. For those study breaks when we just want to watch that entire season of “Mad Men” or “Downton Abbey” — and don’t have the streaming capabilities — the public library is stacked with full seasons of pretty much everything filed under the “You’re Probably Not Going to Pass Physics Anyway” section.

4. Leisure reading

Leisure reading? What’s that? The Clog realizes that as Berkeley students, we can’t even seem to keep up with our assigned readings, and that seems like all the libraries stock anyway. If you type “Harry Potter” into OskiCat, you get “The Subversive Harry Potter: Adolescent rebellion and containment in the J.K. Rowling novels.” That actually sounds kind of interesting … but what if you just want to read “Harry Potter”? You know, the actual book. If, by some miracle, you find enough free time to pick up a book just for fun, the public library couldn’t be more convenient. We recommend “The Hunger Games.”

Image source: Javacolleen under Creative Commons

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