Flashback Friday: the magical era of cereal for breakfast

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APRIL 12, 2013

A recent study lead by Lana Frentzen published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that eating cereal regularly for breakfast is tied to healthy weight for kids. While this may seem a bit obvious to most, the study does give us at the Clog a lovely segue into talking about a specific nostalgic memory of our childhood: breakfast cereal. So let us help you start out your day with a healthy, well-balanced meal of Flashback Friday!

The time is 7 a.m., and your mother has just invaded your pleasant world of dreams to wake you up for another dreaded day of school. Before you have any time to yawn out your morning exhaustion, your mother lifts you up from bed and tells you to get dressed and eat breakfast. You consider resisting but decide that it isn’t worth the trouble and get dressed. You then proceed to trudge your way to the kitchen to address that mad case of the rumbly tumblies plaguing your stomach. There waiting for you is a box of none other than your favorite cereal, accompanied by a bowl and spoon. Suddenly, with what feels like a total 180 in mood, the day doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Almost always, the box of cereal was acquired through a labor of love process, picking out the right one at the local supermarket with your parents in the cereal aisle. There was a host of factors considered in deciding what box of cereal we’d get next. It mostly had to do with the commercials we’d seen on television. What special prize did Toucan Sam tell us was in the box of Froot Loops this time? What kind of prize would we win if we sent in enough Frosted Flakes box tops? More importantly, did Lucky say anything about a new Lucky Charms marshmallow?

And who doesn’t remember spending a half-hour staring at the colorful back of a cereal box trying to answer trivia questions to prevent the Trix Rabbit from getting a bowl of Trix? Of course, when we lost, we’d usually carelessly turn the box upside-down to take a peek at the answers, only to have our kitchen table suddenly covered in cereal.

It’s odd to think that a type of breakfast food product can stir up such cherished, nostalgic memories. However, eating cereal was such a magical process back then that was filled with love, amusement and deliciousness. It’s hard not to have fond memories of it all. Anyway, we at the Clog definitely recommend ditching the eggs, french toast, pancakes and all other “grown-up” breakfast meals and going to your local market to pick up your favorite childhood box of cereal. After all, it doesn’t matter what age you are — capturing that darn Leprechaun and reaffirming that Trix are for kids and not rabbits is not only fun and delicious, it’s greeeeaaaaaat!

Do you have any distinct memories of eating cereal as a child? If so, feel free to comment below!

Image source: Horia Valan under Creative Commons

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APRIL 11, 2013

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