Video Throwback: Hey gurl, can I swipe you a drink?

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We recently discovered this gem of a video from 2008 called “Swipe You A Drink” by the Swipe Kings. This parody of T-Pain’s “Buy You A Drink” is possibly our new favorite reason to love meal points.

The video, which was made in part by “GBC Records,” is wonderfully over-autotuned and exposes a lot of truth about friends with meal points, especially broke freshmen. Some of our favorite lines include, “I got money in the bank, but I’m gonna use my swipes; what you want from Late Night?” and “Well, this about dollars, I ain’t trying to pay; if you ain’t about points, then get out of my way.”

Some of the references are a little outdated, like referencing Blake’s, which closed down a couple of years ago. Perhaps it’s time for a remake — any takers?