Fashion Fridays: Casual Garb

Ashley Chen/Senior Staff

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With summer beckoning and the weather glorious, the campus emerged this week fresh-faced and resplendent. The fashionistas were particularly frolicsome, exuding a playful aura with both their attitudes and outfits. It was a time for the laid-back to shine, appearing charismatic and carefree in cool and casual garb.


A fluttering of colorful, baggy bottoms caught our eye (and lens) on Sproul, much to our pleasure. This pretty pair, Lianna Martin and Maia Kapur, were dressed in a full-length skirt and harem pants (respectively), matching in theme but individualizing the details. Martin’s simple button-up top did much to complement her intricate skirt, lending a nice balance to the overall visual effect. Similarly, Kapur threw on a simple t-shirt and light scarf to give her outfit a natural, easy-going look.


Slightly more dressed up in the conventional sense, Lucien Hilaire was an image of blithe sophistication. His slim blazer, worn over maroon pants and dress shoes, was both dapper and informal. These qualities made his attire perfect for an afternoon stroll across campus in the sunshine.


Outside Dwinelle, Silver Hannon sported a collection of ordinary items that would not have stood out on their own, but when put together produced a highly attractive effect. Her black and white ensemble, topped off with a blue denim shirt, made for a look that was sharp and trendy but at the same time comfortable and relaxed.


Lastly, Sameera Salari was yet another easy-going figure looking captivating on Sproul. Though the colors are dark, her outfit had a light feel owing to its loose fabric and soft texture. It’s important to note that fashion isn’t always about precise cuts and loud colors; a free-flowing garment with dark hues can feel bright and gentle all the same.

All photos shot by Ashley Chen