Bleached: Ride Your Heart

Dead Ocean/Courtesy

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If California invented the valley-girl punk-rock beach-pop combo, then Jennifer and Jessie Clavin of Bleached perfected it. Ride Your Heart, the debut album from Los Angeles’s Bleached, straddles the line between pop and punk with an energy that is both fun and exciting.

Throughout Ride Your Heart, Bleached seems to shuffle between two different sounds: the bare, stripped down punk-rock of “Looking for a Fight” and the melodic pop of “Outta My Mind.” The former seems far more natural, while the latter is experimental and unlike much of what Bleached has released before. While their poppier songs are enjoyable and catchy, the most exciting songs on the album come from the Bleached with which everybody fell in love: the punk-rock that runs through “Looking for a Fight” and their 7,” Electric Chair.

Ride Your Heart is more mature than Bleached’s earlier releases and you shouldn’t expect it to capture the same grunge. Above its fun and catchy songs, Ride Your Heart speaks volumes about the progress that the Clavin sisters have made over the past few years. From Mika Miko to Cold Cave to the various groups Jen and Jessie bounced between, the Clavin sisters, when working together, have seemingly mastered the perfect pop-punk combination. This power is on full display throughout Ride Your Heart.

Summer vacation is on the horizon, and Bleached’s Ride Your Heart might just be the perfect soundtrack to your beach-filled lovesick summer. Bleached’s debut album does just as its title, Ride Your Heart, would suggest: it rides your heart. The album stays with you, grows on you — getting better and better with every listen. Once again, the Clavin sisters are riding the hearts of all punk-pop lovers.

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