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At least 11 Berkeley residents and students safe after Boston Marathon explosions

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APRIL 15, 2013

At least 11 Berkeley residents and UC Berkeley students who were present at Monday’s Boston Marathon were confirmed as safe after two bomb explosions at the event reportedly killed three and injured more than 100 people as of Monday night.

UC Berkeley undergraduates Michelle Nacouzi, Nolan McPeek-Bechtold and Annika McPeek-Bechtold said they finished the race before the explosion occurred. Both Nacouzi and Nolan McPeek-Bechtold confirmed with The Daily Californian that they were safe and far from the explosion at Boylston Street. Junior Catherine Hall, who was a spectator at the marathon, was also reported safe from the explosion.

Anna Lieb, a UC Berkeley graduate student, and Shinji Nakadai, a computer science research fellow on campus, also completed the marathon and were listed as safe on Google People Finder, an online database that allows people to report when they hear from others in the aftermath of a disaster.

Four others connected to the Berkeley community — Douglas Letterman, Cecillia Su, Laurel Collins and Carl Kempf — were also listed as safe on the database. According to the Boston Marathon database, 25 runners were from the city of Berkeley. Nineteen runners were confirmed to have finished the marathon before the explosion.

“It sounded like a water cannon went off,” said Lucretia Ausse, a Berkeley resident who was a block away from the explosion. “Then, 10 seconds later, there was a second explosion. And we saw the plumes.”

Ausse confirmed with the Daily Cal that she is safe and suffered no injuries.

According to campus Assistant Athletic Director Herb Benenson, no UC Berkeley student-athletes were at Boston competing in the world-renowned marathon.

The Daily Cal is still looking for UC Berkeley students, faculty and alumni as well as Berkeley residents who participated in the Boston Marathon. If you have any further information, please email [email protected].

Senior staff writer Amruta Trivedi contributed to this report.

Contact Seung Y. Lee at [email protected] if you know any Berkeley residents or students who were participating at the Boston Marathon.

APRIL 16, 2013