Dead week: to leave or not to leave?

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To leave or not to leave? That is the question. Mom and Dad want us to come home, friends want us to go to Vegas and deep down inside we know that we could really use about a month in the library, let alone a week to regroup. So what should we do? We at the Clog are here for you with one of our famous pro and con lists: Should we stay, or should we go?

Go home:

The pros: At Berkeley, we’re lucky to both be on the semester system and have a dead week. Only our Cal friends are free this week, meaning that if we go home we should be totally distraction free. Siblings are still in school, parents have work, best friends are anywhere from Berlin to Boise and we don’t even know where our high school hookup lives anymore. Think about it: You’re studying, and the midnight munchies are beginning to distract you. Instead of sprinting down to Asian Ghetto before everything closes, we can run downstairs to Mom’s leftovers. The little time we’ll have to sleep between paper-writing and math-cramming, we can spend in our queen-sized, well-kept home beds rather than our squeaky dorm twins. Our parents and younger siblings are less likely to tempt us with word of a house party than our roommates are. Let’s face it, during dead week they can’t be trusted. So get away and get some work done in the comfort of your own, well your parents’, home.

The cons: Usually, when we go home to “get work done,” it doesn’t get done. Yes, we have very good intentions, but we forgot about that big screen TV and Mom wants us to help with dinner. Afterwards we’ll slip into the most glorious food coma we’ve ever experienced, dreaming of summer vacation. Before we know it, we’re awake again and on a plane back to Berkeley with a final looming in the not-so-far-off future. Yay, all-nighters!

Stay here:

The pros: Libraries, greasy food and all of our study buddies are going to be here. The tone of Berkeley will have changed and by Wednesday at the latest, we’ve all felt it. Dead week takes over, and stuff gets real. The pressure’s on, and it’s a good thing. The libraries are filled with the familiar faces of classmates and drinking buddies alike, a support system comprised of every student on campus. We’re suddenly all in the same boat. Who knows, in a moment of solidarity maybe the Moffit narks will let you sneak a bag of chips under your sweatshirt. Eh, probably not. For those lonely late nights cooped up in the apartment, your study staples are right around the corner. La Burrita, here we come.

The cons: Libraries, greasy food and all of our study buddies. Every on-campus nook and cranny from Main Stacks to classrooms in that building that we’ve never been into before is going to be packed. Unless you’re capable of waking up at 6 a.m., grabbing all the food you made the night before and literally sprinting over to Doe, chances are you’ll be stuck at home for the day with your TV haunting you from the living room. If you do need to get out to eat or caffeinate, you’ll probably end up getting take out rather than dining in. We all know what that means — chow mein in bed watching reruns of Saturday Night Live. Lastly, our study buddies will be great for the first day or so, but then they’ll either begin to distract us or stress us out. However they’re feeling about finals, whether apathetic or desperately afraid, it’ll rub off on us and deeply annoy us.

So what are you planning on doing this dead week? Let us know in the comments below!

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