How to: Get rid of extra meal points

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We know it sounds crazy, but the Clog has run into quite a few people lately who have hundreds of extra meal points. Insane frugality, hatred for dining hall food, laziness — there are a million explanations for this seemingly rare phenomenon.

As much as it doesn’t seem like it, meal points are money, and the Clog doesn’t want you to waste it! For those of you who have more than 350 meal points left as of today, get to spending! What should you do with the points you ask? We’ve come up with some creative solutions. We’ve even divided your options into two broad categories, greedy and charitable,  to make your life easier. Please direct yourself to the section with which your mood most currently identifies with. It’s OK to be greedy; we won’t judge you.


1. Stock up on food for yourself. Obviously. Maybe head to Peet’s for three month’s worth of chocolate covered almonds, or just get a bunch of ice cream from the GBC. You can afford it. Or you could buy that huge Rice Krispies sheet under the pretense of the intention to share, and then chip away at it the night before your last final.

2. Buy favors. Hey, I’ll swipe you in if you (insert whatever you want here). Come to think of it, it doesn’t even have to be a favor. You could turn it into a game. How far will your friends go for a free meal? Try not to be an absolute jerk though. The Clog still wants you to have friends.


1. Buy Christmas presents for everyone you know. It’s never too early. In fact, we’re surprised stores haven’t already started putting up Christmas decorations, and everyone in your family definitely needs a Peet’s mug. We’re not sure how charitable this actually is, but hey, you’re not spending the points on yourself. And your sister has always wanted an “I Love Tap Water” water bottle. She’ll love it.

2. Buy a grocery bag for charity. Last semester, Cal Dining gave students the option to buy a bag full of groceries with their meal points. In return, Cal Dining donated to a charity. Look for this opportunity at the end of the semester! If it doesn’t come around again this year, you can always buy canned foods and other nonperishable items and find somewhere to donate the food yourself.

Image Source: Aaron Loessberg-Zahl, under Creative Commons

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