Best of Berkeley 2013: Campus

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Best view of SF Skyline and Golden Gate Bridge: The Campanile

Where else can you see 360 degree panoramic views of the entire Bay Area? Built in 1914 and standing at 307 feet, this campus landmark has supplied students with incredible vistas that are perfect for sightseeing, postcard-esque photos and relaxing after this vantage point, it’s easy to enjoy a little omnipresence as you see all of your classmates and professors below scurrying around like ants. To anyone that says they prefer the Big C, remind them that where the Big C has a half-mile uphill hike, the Campanile has an elevator. While you’re up there catching the view, just try to not think of the myth that in the event of an earthquake, the whole tower would slide down to the sea.

Ryan Koehn

Best Decal: Female Sexuality

UC Berkeley is known for its student-run DeCal program, offering classes on everything from Organic Gardening and Belly-dancing to Star Trek and Kanye West. Originally called “the Orgasm Class” when it first started in 1994, the Female Sexuality DeCal stands out not for its cult subject matter but because of the empowering nature of the class, which aims to build a safe space where female-identified individuals can expand their understanding of women’s bodies, sexuality and diversity. The facilitators expand their exploration of gender by incorporating intersectional issues to create an inclusive and respectful environment. Students are instructed to be open-minded in class discussions, which range from attitudes towards sex work and pornography to methods of self-love and masturbation.

Meadhbh McGrath

Best place on campus to hook up: Main Stacks between bookshelvesbest-place-on-campus-to-hook-up.anthony-martinez

Let’s face it, UC Berkeley students: We are all nerds. After all, we do act like it’s the Olympic trials when the FSM doors open on Sunday afternoon, and we are caught selling our spots in the libraries on Craigslist to the next poor soul. It’s no surprise that the best place to hook up on campus is between shelves in Main Stacks.

Hooking up is no longer romantic: It’s efficient. Here at Cal, hookups rely on whether or not one has homework, menstrual period or class. College sex is just about a good bang, which is why hooking up in Main Stacks epitomizes the efficient nature of college sex. As dead week approaches, sleeping bags and pillows will begin to appear in the underground basements of Main Stacks. When students are literally sleeping during study breaks, it is especially important to make time for some good ol’ fucking around.

From the dusty and musty ancient Roman histories to the underlined and dog-eared Shakespearean anthologies, books are definitely a turn-on. It’s much better than doing the dirty on the pissed-on floors of the bathrooms in the Stacks — ew! If you are planning on getting your groove on in the Stacks, make sure to clean up your mess and respect the Best of Berkeley’s choice for Best Place to Hook Up.

— Matthew Kirschenbaum

Best place to chill between classes: Memorial Gladebest-place-to-chill-between-classes.anthony-martinez

Berkeley isn’t known for its bikini-worthy weather, but if you walk past Memorial Glade on most sunlit days, you might think you’re in sunny SoCal. First, there are the obligatory sporty folks, throwing footballs and frisbees and ignoring the fact that it’s 2 o’clock on a Monday afternoon. Look toward the hill, and you’ll see plenty of beach blankets and bare skin as students soak in a few rays while reading or enjoying a quick lunch. All year long, Memorial Glade is Cal’s most popular sunny spot, and it’s sure to be packed any time the weather reaches 70 degrees. Its large grassy area and proximity to all parts of campus make it the perfect place to spend the precious moments between classes, work and extracurriculars. So grab a blanket and some sunglasses, and enjoy the best “chill spot” on the Berkeley campus.

Carli Baker

Best female athlete: Layshia Clarendon, women’s basketballbest-female-athlete.michael-tao

Four years ago, Layshia Clarendon arrived at Berkeley, slightly overshadowed as the sixth-best player in the top recruiting class in the country. Clarendon leaves Cal as one of the best female basketball players to ever grace the Haas Pavilion hardwood.

Clarendon, a combo guard, led the Bears to their first 30-win season in program history and first Final Four berth. She was the primary scoring threat for the Cal offense ranked first in the Pac-12 with 71.8 points per game. Not only was Clarendon’s ability to create her own shot heavily relied upon — her leadership was indispensable to the team’s deep run in the NCAA tourney.

In her senior campaign, Clarendon averaged 16.4 ppg, earning her an AP All-American Honorable Mention as well as a unanimous All-Pac-12 selection. With 1,820 career points, fourth all-time at Cal, Clarendon has cemented her legacy in her last season.

Austin Crochetiere

Best professor: Robert Reich, public policybest-professor.anya-schultz

He’s only four-foot-ten, but on the Berkeley campus, this liberal lion is larger than life.

In his undergraduate Wealth and Poverty class, Reich lays out the causes and consequences of exploding income inequality for more than 700 starstruck students and dozens of Berkeley residents who come to Wheeler auditorium to hear the charismatic former labor secretary. Lectures are enlivened by Reich’s colorful anecdotes about his dazzling career in public service — from his gaffes while arguing before the Supreme Court in the ’70s to his disputes with other cabinet members during the economic boom of the mid- ’90s (which he playfully refers to as the “Reich Recovery” throughout the course).

As an intellectual leader of the Democratic party and the Berkeley faculty’s most prominent political figure, Reich’s influence extends far beyond his Wheeler lecture hall. He’s a familiar face on national television — from the Colbert Report to Good Morning America — where he can usually be found earnestly explaining the perils of austerity and the need to raise taxes on the rich. He’s seldom missing from campus panels on politics and the economy. And earlier this year, a feature-length movie based on Reich’s course, “Inequality for All,” was met with critical acclaim at its Sundance Film Festival premiere. Superstar Professors like Reich are, to say the least, in short supply.

Jason Willick

Best place to use your meal points: Qualcomm Cyber Cafebest-place-to-use-your-meal-points.anthony-martinez

Frankly, we haven’t got the best selection when it comes to places that will accept meal points. Most upperclassmen have Crossroads-induced nightmares from time to time. Qualcomm happens to be the oasis in a barren wasteland. The downside is the long line, but there’s a good reason for the wait.

Not only is it the tastiest option, it is generally the healthier option. Still, the size of the wraps does not warrant a small appetite. There are plenty of sofas and tables for those who are feeling a bit more studious. Personally, I’m all for getting meal points if it means I can customize a spinach wrap with chicken and sun-dried tomato aioli, walk a couple steps and lounge on Memorial Glade.

Ephraim Lee

Best place to print: Moffitt Library, first floorbest-place-to-print.anthony-martinez

We’ve all been there. Your assignment is due this morning. You procrastinated, once again, but wrapped up your conclusion with a half-hour to spare. But then, the unthinkable happens: that cartridge of black ink you’ve been nursing for a year finally dies, and your ten page research paper now has no way of transforming from a Word document to a hard copy.

Fear not, the Moffitt Library Copy Center is there for you. Conveniently located on the first floor and very easy to find, the Copy Center features dozens of computers free for your use, with student workers on hand for any help you may need. Pricing is adjusted for UC students too, so you can get that 10 page paper printed for just a dollar!

Erik Weiner

Best place to study: Doe Library, North Reading Roombest-place-to-study.anthony-martinez

“There is no way to make studying enjoyable. All the snacks and music in the world only soften the blow. You’re pent up in your room completely sleep-deprived and Tyler Durden begins appearing, telling you, “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.” Time for a change of scenery before you completely lose your mind.

With its high ceilings, gigantic windows and oak furniture, there is a feeling of history the moment you step into the Doe Library’s North Reading Room. It is worth paying a visit during the day when it isn’t exam season to see the sun illuminate the room. Might as well be somewhere beautiful for an ugly situation. It’s almost completely silent at all times — the acoustics of the room amplify any sound that is made, and the frenzied eyes of multiple Cal students will deter any sustained sonance.”

Ephraim Lee

Best place to relieve yourself: Doe Library, near East Entrancebest-place-to-relieve-yourself.anthony-martinez

When you sense the sudden pressure to leave your lower half far fresher, there can be a dreaded feeling — one that leaves you kneeling and squealing — for a place to vacate waste. Fear you not, young whipper snapper, such a place is called the crapper. All throughout the vaulted halls of our stunning campus mall, you will find these bathroom walls that help erase our nature’s call. But, if you find you’re in a bind somewhere near the rear of Doe, shout, “Hooray!” and give a cheer, for you have found a john so dear. In the entrance of the east, is a toilet fit for a priest. Tiled walkways, clean sinks so keen — welcome to the best latrine.

Jessica Pena

Best male athlete: Keenan Allen, footballbest-male-athlete.michael-tao

Amidst a sea of penalties, sacks and embarrassing losses, Keenan Allen stood out as one of the lone bright spots of the 3-9 Cal football team.

The 6’2″ wide receiver took a statistical step back in the 2012 season after a record-breaking sophomore campaign, but the diminished production was more a result of poor quarterback play than Allen’s play.

Despite missing three games, Allen compiled 61 catches for 737 yards and six touchdowns. He almost single-handedly dominated the Washington State game, catching 11 of the 14 passes quarterback Zach Maynard completed for 166 yards.

Allen projects as a first-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft, likely to represent the Bears in the pros for years to come.

Michael Rosen

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