Will new Psy dance inspire another Sproul flashmob?

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Remember last semester when Mario, Luigi and Toad showed up on the steps of Sproul Hall for a little dance-off and then one of the biggest flashmobs in the history of the campus erupted into Gangnam Style? We sure do — and it looked way better than the Harlem Shake.

Psy was all the rage at Berkeley back then, but it seems that his new music video won’t be pulsing throughout the campus and on our Facebook feeds with the same popularity of his breakout hit. “Gentleman” still has the gyrating bodies and crazy antics we have come to expect — complete with bikini-clad women being catapulted into a pool — but there is something lacking this time around: the dancing!

If we ever get done with finals this semester, we are going to need some new dance steps for all our summer festivities, and with an eye for absurd — yet not too complicated — moves, we feel a little let down by the new routine. The bob-your-head-in-your-hand dance might solicit looks of confusion from your friends back home — and we can safely assume that it probably won’t inspire any flashmobs anytime soon.

Now, we at the Clog never claimed to understand the Korean language, but the beat is decent, and the story of Psy playing tricks on ladies until he finds his match in one female jokester still makes the music video entertaining. In the end, the dance might not be as catchy, but the video is still hilarious — and we could all use a laugh right before finals.

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Image Source: KOREA.NET under Creative Commons

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