UC Berkeley accepts fewer in-state applicants for fall 2013

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APRIL 18, 2013

UC Berkeley accepted fewer in-state students this year, according to data released by the UC Office of the President Thursday morning.

The campus accepted 9,219 in-state freshman applicants for fall 2013 enrollment, a decrease of 1.4 percent from 2012 numbers. Meanwhile, UC Berkeley saw a 26 percent jump in out of state admission. Around 14,000 freshman applicants were admitted from a pool of nearly 68,000.

“The slight decline in the number and proportion of admitted students who are Californians reflects the fallout from years of severe budget cuts to UC, which has enrolled thousands of California students for whom it received no state funding,” read a statement from the UC Office of the President.

Systemwide, the UC saw a 2.2 percent decrease in admittance for in-state students compared to 2012 rates. Meanwhile, the university admitted 14.3 percent more out of state students, and 28.5 percent more international students, compared to last year.

According to UC Berkeley admissions data, 3.6 percent of newly admitted resident students are African American, 0.7 percent are American Indian and 17.7 percent are Hispanic/Latino. The admission rates of different ethnic groups for campus have remained relatively stable over recent years.

UCLA had the lowest admittance rate across the system, accepting 20.1 percent out of an applicant pool of over 80,000. UC Berkeley accepted 20.8 percent of applicants.

See the full document of admissions data below:

Fall 2013 Admissions table1 (PDF)

Fall 2013 Admissions table1 (Text)

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APRIL 18, 2013

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